According to international criteria of green destinations, Slovenia is the first country to become the title green destination of the world.

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The city of oldest vine in the world
Proud of the 400-year-old record holder of the Guinness Book of Records. It is right on the banks of the Drava River to climb an excellent wine story and still bore the noble cliffs of the Blue Kava and symbolize the wine culture of Maribor and the region.
Vinarium - spectacular views and excellent wines
On the Vinarium Lendava sightseeing tower, the highest viewing tower in Slovenia, you can climb 240 stairs, or reach the top comfortably with a lift and 53.5 meters high enjoy a spectacular 360 ° view of the colourful landscape and 4 countries - Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. Local wine offer is available at the ground floor of Vinarium.
Love among vineyards
Where even roads are in the shape of a heart ... the famous Svečina's Heart, where also the world famous cellist Luka Šulić, a member of the duo 2 Cellos, said yes to his chosen one. Selfie with Svečina's heart is obligatory for all romantic souls and people in love. Find the heart and put it into your heart.

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